Equipment Failures

Mining equipment monitoring is key to regulating equipment usage and preventing the sorts of tragedies that stem from a lack of proper maintenance awareness.

As U.S. oil production increases, the country's pipeline shows signs of strain. This is because the pipeline system was not designed to carry such high levels of oil.

An Edison worker performing equipment maintenance was recently killed in an explosion. This kind of accident is sometimes preventable if companies utilize equipment maintenance software that can track the performance and condition of industrial equipment.

After the recent Texas fertilizer plant explosion, many are focused on reassessing worker safety in chemical plants, oil refineries, fishing rigs, mines, construction sites and other industrial settings where safety is crucial. Some are calling for regulatory changes while others favor more proactive self-policing through smarter equipment reliability systems, better education and a more serious attitude toward maintenance.

To create a safe work environment, mining companies should utilize equipment monitoring to make sure that sites remain safe and free from hazards that could prevent these or other kinds of accidents.