Equipment Failures

Technologies like equipment condition monitoring solutions and predictive preventative maintenance make working conditions far safer for miners

Predictive maintenance can help curtail mining accidents and incidents that can damage a company's reputation and compromise operations. Strain sensors and other devices can be used to track equipment reliability, helping mining companies select and use only machines that they know have been put to the test and have been found adequate.

Companies across the world are continuing to rely on mining-based commodities and activities such as silver, copper, zinc, aluminum and more. Even still, Colin Thurston, Thermo Fisher Scientific's director of product strategy for process industries, wrote on Australian Mining that the industry sees pressure with the new opportunities that come, including keeping workers and employees safe in these mines.

The mining industry has been working to improve employee safety within a sector that can be both hazardous and dangerous. In order to encourage safe practices within individual organizations, the mining industry as a whole must demonstrate its efforts for enhanced employee safety while on the job.

Equipment condition monitoring is a must for companies that want to avoid costly, productivity-killing safety violations.