Scanimetrics presented at the MARIOS (Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands) Workshop held on May 6-7, 2015 at Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures (AITF), 250 Karl Clark Road, Edmonton, Alberta.

Scanimetrics' presentation was titled "Wear Monitoring for less than $100 per month."

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An abstract for the presentation is shown below:

Scanimetrics’ pipe wear monitoring solution has broken the $100 mark, ushering in cost-effective monitoring for every spool of pipe.  That is less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.  Our solutions integrate hardware, data analytics and alarming for complete “set it and forget it” end user simplicity.  The wear monitoring solutions are compatible with carbon steel, chromium carbide overlay and urethane lined pipe technologies ensuring all slurry pipeline infrastructure can be monitored.

Data is continuously sampled, remaining useful life and wear trend metrics are determined, and recommendations are provided for scheduling rotations.  Data from slurry loop tests at the Devon facility and actual field data from monitoring of a lined pipe in the oil sands will be presented.  The benefits are many – improve safety for operations and maintenance staff, increase the time between pipeline rotation outages by up to 300%, reduce the risk of pipe failure, reduce maintenance costs, reduce environmental impact and comply with regulators.

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