A six-inch pipe owned by Belle Fourche Pipeline was reported to spring a leak on May 19, causing 600 barrels of crude oil to be released.

Space for oil drilling in Wyoming's Powder River Basin has, in recent years, been considered a hot commodity by many energy companies. But a recent burst pipe left hundreds of gallons of oil spilling across the landscape, meaning the area is more than just a popular well location - it is now a former cleanup site.

A six-inch pipe owned by Belle Fourche Pipeline was reported to spring a leak on May 19, causing the equivalent of 600 barrels of crude oil to be released. According to the Sheridan Press, The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality gave out a burn permit to help speed along the cleanup process. The burn was said to have taken place on the Thursday and Friday following the leak.

Thankfully, there were no injuries and important resources like water were not affected by the spill, but that does not change the fact that this is a serious incident. Even when there are no immediate adverse affects that result from oil leaks, they can still cost millions of dollars in repairs, fines and public relations control - not to mention the money lost along with the oil.

This is why businesses that deal with oil need to be serious about preventive predictive maintenance. Had the right sensors and software been in place, Belle Fourche would have been able to identify the failing pipe before it had a chance to burst and cause an incident. 

Scanimetrics is the solution
Overseeing oil pipelines can be complicated and difficult. The human eye can only detect so much, and inadvertently overlooking even the smallest section of equipment can have the greatest of consequences. But modern technology has provided a plethora of assets for energy companies that are concerned with the state of their pipes, wells and valves.

Of all the choices, no one makes a system like Scanimetrics. Using top-of-the-line preventive prediction technology, oil enterprises can leverage Scanimetrics solutions in such a way that comprehensive remote monitoring can take place.

Human error is a very real possibility in a number of industries, but for those dealing in crude oil, these mistakes can have massive consequences. It is essential in the modern day to make the considerations that will keep these instances from occurring a top priority. 

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