Improving Productivity

Mine automation is beginning to come into its own as companies turn more frequently to equipment monitoring systems and other solutions to solve problems that have long plagued the industry, such as how to get the most out of predictive maintenance and keep machines operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible.

Companies are now tasked with sorting through an ever-increasing amount of raw data gathered by a range of devices, forcing them to determine what is important and what can be ignored.

Educating future workers in subjects such as predictive maintenance could be the key to maintaining healthy growth in the mining sector.

The mining industry is expected to continue growing in the coming year. The growth offers firms that have invested in machine maintenance software opportunities to increase their return on investment for equipment monitoring solutions meant to help boost productivity.

Through the use of  condition monitoring software and other programs that help companies check up on machinery, equipment can go into underground areas that could be considered unsafe for personnel to enter.