A Spanish company recently developed a smart helmet for miners called Angelhelmet that leverages sensors and a communication system. 

Increasing safety within mines is a primary goal for nearly every organization in the industry. These groups leverage new systems and technology as one strategy to help better protect their employees. Recently, one Spanish company took these efforts to the next level with the development of a "smart helmet" for miners, called Angelhelmet. 

According to Mining, the technologically advanced headwear is being introduced in Chile. The helmet includes an arrangement of sensors and communication capabilities to increase miners' safety in a number of ways. The hardware can locate missing individuals using an interactive smart control program, and it also has detection technology to identify dangerous gas levels or pollution in the surrounding atmosphere.

The helmet also has communication tools that can send warnings to the wearer in the form of vibrations, sounds or LED lights. The system can also send text messages and create SOS alerts, according to Innovation and Technology.

Furthermore, the product has an interactive intelligent control system which can make decisions for the wearer and alert other workers if the individual does not respond to warnings.

Another important practice for increasing mining safety is with the use of equipment condition monitoring systems. Just as the Angelhelmet oversees the individual wearer, these monitoring structures can boost equipment reliability by providing information on the health and service life of a machine.

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