Equipment Monitoring

With mining safety being at the front of the mind of West Virginian officials, a state task force is recommending the adoption of approximately detection systems in coal mines underground.

Whether through equipment monitoring or making sure the structure of the mine itself is true, a pauseĀ is not warranted when it comes to making sure safety is in place on a mining project. Brian MacLeod of the Lucknow Sentinel wrote that after the death of two miners who were 3,000 feet underground last June, Sudbury Star mining reporter Carol Mulligan said "something's wrong" after coming back from a press conference explaining the deaths.

The Environmental Protection Agency is now part of an Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force that is looking to investigate alleged environmental crimes by miners in the state. Larry Wood Spectrum wrote on the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman that miners in Chicken, AK., were surprised by armed officers who stormed into the mines to take water samples, as a dirty water discharge may be rather threatening.

To help improve mining safety, be sure workers stay safe and develop a sense of consistency across Australia, the Queensland Mine Safety Framework Regulatory Impact Statement has been released for viewing, according to Mondaq.

Equipment monitoring is extremely important in every mining operation, as was proven in a recent project that was approved in South Australia.