A natural gas leak in the Escambia County Jail forced the evacuation of inmates and other personnel working in the kitchen.

Generally speaking, energy companies are the businesses that most have to concern themselves with gas and oil leaks. But other facilities that pump in these resources into their buildings have a responsibility as well. Occasionally, improper care can cause facilities to shut down if they are not monitored correctly. 

This was partly the case for the Escambia County Jail in Florida, where the Pensacola News Journal reported that a natural gas leak in the building's kitchen forced the evacuation of inmates and other personnel working there at the time. Service was promptly turned off after employees noticed the smell of gas, but NorthEscambia.com reported that there is no timetable in place for repairs. 

Gas leaks can be complicated situations enough, but when prisoners are involved it can be even more alarming. A full evacuation of the jail, while not needed in this instance, would have resulted in a lot of confusion and possible chaos - neither of which are good in a prison setting. This situation and others like it could have been prevented by utilizing equipment monitoring systems. 

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