What We Do

Scanimetrics’ can help our customers improve their asset life cycle strategy by providing key information and analysis to a predictive analytics program that creates meaningful ROI’s.  The actionable advantage of predictive analytics is that it puts information in the hands of workers, site management and company executives. Data provides a level of communication that everyone on the team can understand, which leads to better problem-solving, deeper analysis and further understanding regarding just how operational and maintenance strategies impact the bottom line. Management can make effective operational and maintenance decisions that result in increasing uptime of critical equipment, as well as achieve a large cost savings and improved productivity through a reduction in both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Additional improvement of operations and maintenance can be achieved through implementation of condition events. Condition events are instant messages about equipment condition and status.
Advances in Internet of Things (“IoT”) technologies have enabled Scanimetrics’ to innovate and prove a practical solution to monitor equipment in challenging harsh environments. Data from the rugged sensors can be gathered throughout the operating site, processed, and used to generate condition events. The delivery of the events adds an additional element to reliability, increasing uptime of the equipment and productivity of the operation.
Scanimetrics provides WiTAP™ wireless hardware and MoteScan™ data analysis, for assessing structural integrity and predicting asset life and failure. The data is aggregated from the sensor network to the Scanimetrics’ MoteScan™ cloud, analyzed and made available through a web application. The asset integrity reports are used to improve safety, lower life-cycle cost, reduce MTBF, increase productivity and improve regulatory compliance. The MoteScan™ data analysis software performs analysis and uses sophisticated and proprietary software to compute remaining useful life of the equipment and create a ‘health’ picture of the asset through the integration of the data analysis into the report delivery process, which reduces the time required to make operational and maintenance decisions.
The products work in extreme environmental conditions for applications in harsh environments and have been used in oil and gas, open pit and underground mining, wind energy production, pipeline integrity and public safety.  The products have been used in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Chile.

Steven Slupsky

Co-founder, President, and CEO

Steven Slupsky co-founded Scanimetrics with Brian Moore and is one of the visionaries driving the company. He is actively involved in many aspects of Scanimetrics, including technology development, intellectual property management, business development, and marketing.

Slupsky has worked in the semiconductor, advanced microelectronics, and embedded systems design fields for 20 years. He served as entrepreneur, design engineer, and architect, and later held leadership and management roles on many advanced technology projects. As one of the main inventors for Scanimetrics technologies, Slupsky has patented several wireless techniques for wafer-level semiconductor testing.

Prior to joining Scanimetrics, Slupsky was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at AMC Technologies and also served as Vice President at Micralyne Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta.


Mark Brandemuehl

Mark Brandemuehl, VP Marketing & Business Development at Movoto LLC, has experience in internet marketing and business development with a deep background in semiconductor test and process semiconductor equipment, yield management software, EDA, and supply chain planning software. He is the former VP of marketing for Formfactor Inc. and has also held positions at KLA-Tencor as Director of Marketing and at Tyecin Systems as Director of Sales. Brandemuehl is experienced at developing marketing teams from scratch and growing successful new businesses. Brandemuehl has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Darcy Will

Darcy Will is President and CEO of Winners Gaming Inc., a private corporation that has owned and operated numerous gaming operations including bingos and casinos. Winners Gaming was the majority owner of the Boomtown Casino prior to its purchase by Gamehost Income Fund. In addition to extensive gaming experience, Will also has more than 17 years of knowledge of construction and commercial development, as well as being a former Director of Service Plus Hospitality.