Industrial Internet of Things

Advances in Internet of Things (“IoT”) technologies have enabled Scanimetrics’ to innovate and prove a practical solution to monitor equipment in challenging harsh industrial environments. Data from the rugged sensors can be gathered throughout the operating site, processed, and used to create, explore, and share dashboards and data with your team and the world and generate condition notifications. The delivery of the notifications adds an additional element to reliability, increasing uptime of the equipment and productivity of the operation.


Scanimetrics Can Help

Scanimetrics’ can help our customers improve their asset life cycle strategy by providing key information and analysis to a predictive analytics program that creates meaningful ROI’s.  The actionable advantage of predictive analytics is that it puts information in the hands of team workers, site management and company executives. Data provides a level of communication that everyone on the team can understand, which leads to better problem-solving, deeper analysis and further understanding regarding just how operational and maintenance strategies impact the bottom line. Management can make effective operational and maintenance decisions that result in increasing uptime of critical equipment, as well as achieve a large productivity improvement and cost savings through a reduction in both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Additional improvement of operations and maintenance can be achieved through implementation of condition events. Condition events are instant messages about equipment condition and status that help to reduce response time.

Scanimetrics' WiTAP™ wireless sensor products are designed and manufactured to survive extreme temperatures, harsh weather, and demanding operating conditions. We can provide reliable data on the condition of your equipment to help you maximize your equipment uptime and optimize your maintenance program.


General Description

The WiTAP™ wireless sensors and MoteScan™ web tools provide an easy means of monitoring sensor data for process improvement, safety, compliance and Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) applications. WiTAP™ wireless data acquisition and transmission hardware can use many different sensor types, including passive resistive sensors (such as strain, crack, load and temperature), active sensors (4-20mA current sensors and 5 V voltage sensors) to the WiTAP™ wireless data acquisition units (referred to as “Motes”). WiTAP™ motes and routers together with a gateway at the network edge form a sensor network that communicates to the MoteScan™ Cloud using an internet connection.  The WiTAP™ motes are temporarily attached using magnetic fasteners or permanently attached using adhesive. The WiTAP™ motes incorporate a battery, eliminating the need for wiring to an external power supply.

Once the WiTAP™ motes have been activated, they can be configured to provide years of continuous operation. The motes and routers in the sensor network can be arranged to provide reliable network communication.

  • Powerful and elegant way to create, explore and share data with your team and the world.
  • Used for visualizing time series data for mulitple domains including industrial sensors, safety, compliance and process control.
  • Enables easy display and analysis of data transmitted from critical equipment and locations.
  • Process raw data into easily understandable graphical reports to facilitate management decisions.
  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Customized reporting and dashboards.
  • Compatible with desktops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Keep your team informed and reduce problem resolution times.
  • Monitor remote and hard to reach locations.
  • Report formats can be tailored for the intended audience.
  • Access reports anywhere.
  • Monitor mine processing equipment
  • Heap leach process monitoring
  • Monitor mobile mining equipment health
  • Operator training and performance
  • Pipeline integrity
  • Pipeline hazard detection
  • Wind turbine anchor monitoring

All specifications subject to change without notice