Wheel Monitoring

Large-scale truck transportation operations make immense demands on equipment — and on operators and maintenance personnel. Increased equipment uptime is critical, but achieving it while lowering maintenance costs and managing the risks to operational safety and regulatory compliance is a challenge.


Reducing Costs, Downtime, and Risk

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) involves scheduling maintenance at the right time based on the measured condition of equipment. CBM reduces costs and downtime by eliminating unnecessary preventive maintenance. CBM also reduces risk by monitoring the health of equipment in real-time and alerting operators to problems before they lead to catastrophic failure. A successful CBM program requires accurate data on the condition of equipment combined with a reporting and analysis system that converts the data into information that helps operators make better maintenance decisions.


Condition Monitoring Solutions

Scanimetrics' WiTAP™ wireless sensors and MoteScan™ cloud tools provides the key capabilities (data collection, reporting, and analysis) needed for a successful CBM program. The WiTAP™ wireless sensor module can automatically record when wheel inspections are completed — reducing the labour cost of manually recording inspections and improving operator compliance. The Mote is a rugged wireless data collection device that has been proven to function even in the harshest conditions. Our powerful, easy-to-use software platform transforms sensor data into information that team operators, maintenance personnel, engineers and executives can use to make better decisions. Scanimetrics also provides consulting services to develop end-to-end condition monitoring solutions for your unique needs and challenges.


Applications in Truck Transportation