MoteScan™ Asset Integrity Reporting

Web application for visualizing sensor data and analytics specially designed for industrial applications.

Scanimetrics' MoteScan™ asset integrity reporting software is a web application accessible from any internet connected desktop or mobile device.  The WiTAP sensor data is aggregated from the sensor network to Scanimetrics’ MoteScan™ cloud, analyzed and made available through the MoteScan application. The asset integrity reports are used to improve safety, lower life-cycle cost, reduce MTBF, increase productivity and improve regulatory compliance. The MoteScan™ data analysis software performs analysis and uses sophisticated and proprietary software to compute remaining useful life of the equipment and create a ‘health’ picture of the asset through the integration of the data analysis into the report delivery process, which reduces the time required to make operational and maintenance decisions.

We can provide reliable data on the condition of your equipment to help you optimize your maintenance, safety and compliance programs and maximize your equipment uptime.

General Description

MoteScan provides a powerful and elegant way to create, explore, and share data with your team and the world.

MoteScan is used for visualizing time series data for multiple domains including industrial sensors, weather, and process control.

MoteScan enables easy display and analysis of data transmitted from ciritical equipment monitoring sites.

The MoteScan Cloud processes raw data into easily understandable graphical reports to make management decisions.

  • Simple intuitive web application
  • Accessible from any internet connected desktop or mobile device
  • Comprehensive graphics visualization
  • Easy to install
  • Status monitoring (e.g. battery, link quality)
  • Export data to CSV file
  • Data conversion
  • Seamless integration
  • Secure
  • Avoid machine failure
  • Increase profits
  • Customized reports
    • Reliability Managers
    • Maintenance Managers
    • Safety Managers
    • Financial Managers
  • Non intrusive to machine operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Improve operator performance
  • Monitor machine stress and fatigue
  • Monitor stationary and moving equipment
  • Assess machine health
  • Above ground, under ground and offshore
  • Enable condition based maintenance
Browser Compatibility Safari, Firefox, Chrome

All specifications subject to change without notice