Bolt Tension Monitoring System

Easily monitor tension on critical bolts.

  Smart Bolt System 

Track bolt tightness directly by monitoring the tension on the bolt. Scanimetrics' wireless Smart Bolt products have many uses and can be adapted to almost any application.

General Description

Most industrial environments contain hundreds, if not thousands, of bolts holding machinery and equipment in place. Some of these bolts are critical to the continued secure operation of the machinery, and the health and safety of the workers that operate them. Should these “critical bolts” fail, it may mean equipment damage, production downtime, injury of personnel, and perhaps even loss of life.

The most common method of monitoring these critical bolts for tightness is to physically inspect each bolt and take a mechanical torque reading. At best, this is an imprecise way of measuring tightness due to the various conditions of the bolt threads, and the accessibility of the bolt itself. Regardless, inspection of each bolt must be done, resulting in an inexact, manual, labour intensive and tedious process.

Scanimetrics’ Smart Bolt wireless monitoring products are changing this tedious but necessary inspection of critical bolts into a quick and precise process allowing monitoring from anywhere in the world.

By installing Scanimetrics’ Smart Bolt product, you can accurately monitor the tightness of each critical bolt (in lbs, kips or kN), and then have this information wirelessly transmitted to any capture device by email, text message, voice message, or web update.

The Bolt Tension Monitoring System in Action


Features of Smart Bolt Kit
  • Includes one Smart Bolt with built in strain gauge or one Load Washer for use with an existing bolt (bolt and load washer sizes may be specified at time of order)
  • One wireless sensing module (called a “Mote”)
  • One master receiver (called a “Coordinator”) which connects to a standard PC via USB
  • One evaluation license for the MoteScan software
  • Optional: One cell phone modem interface with master receiver

Additional Smart Bolts and Load Washers can be added to the system, as required.

  • Easy installation
  • Monitor all critical bolts on your site CONTINUOUSLY, including ones that are difficult to access
  • Receive warnings and emergency alarms on imminent bolt failure
  • Takes PRECISE readings of bolt tightness
  • Maintain historical logs of bolt condition
  • Reduce time required to complete inspections
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Improve workplace health and safety
  • Exciters on slurry shaker screens
  • Turbines and power generating equipment
  • Heavy mobile equipment
  • Fans and other rotating equipment
  • Flanges on pipelines carrying high risk substances
  • Any other situation where critical bolts need to be inspected
Sensor Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to +150 °C
Wireless Module Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to +85 °C
Sensor Options Smart Bolt with embedded load sensor or load washer
Bolt Sizes 0.2 - 2 inches (5 - 50 mm) diameter
Load Sensing Range 2,400 – 300,000 lbs (10 – 1,300 kN)
Maximum Wireless Operating Range to Master 10 metres (extendable with repeaters)
Maximum Battery Life 1 year of operation
Modes of Operation Real-time display, unaccompanied alarming, data logging and data transmission
Wireless Module Housing Sealed epoxy compound (water and chemical resistant, built to IP67 standard)
Wireless Mass Mounting Method Epoxy or spot weld
Certifications FCC and Industry Canada
Extended Sensor Temperature Range -55 °C to +200 °C
Extended Life Battery 2 years of operation
Certifications Intrinsic Safety (Zone 0 or Class I, Division 1)

All specifications subject to change without notice