A truck transporting mining machinery recently lost control of its payload, scattering some 350 tons of steel structures across an Australian highway.

Traffic on Australia's Great Northern Highway was brought to a standstill earlier in the month following an overnight incident involving mining equipment. According to the Australian Broadcasting Company, a truck transporting machinery between sites lost control of its payload and left a 350-ton steel structure blocking the roadway.

Authorities continue to look over load sensor data to determine how this transport task went awry, but the first order of business has been clearing debris to restore regular traffic patterns in the region.

"We're going to have to dismantle it piece by piece and move it," Main Roads representative Fionna Findley told the news source. "We also do have traffic management out there and will be out there until the module is moved."

According to Mining Australia, the broken down boom conveyor has become somewhat of a tourist attraction since the incident. However, the mishap certainly isn't a source of amusement for the equipment operators. While maintenance crews work to find a creative solution to the matter, their time and attention has been taken away from more productive pursuits. As a result, the disruptive incident could inspire more proactive condition monitoring from the firm in the future.