Utilizing machine maintenance software to better evaluate assets and make repairs is a no-brainer strategy that should be implemented as soon as possible.

The research and development process takes up a significant chunk of budgetary and resource considerations in most industries, but especially in the oil, mining and industrial [manufacturing] sectors, where complex decisions concerning machine usage, organizational strategies and scheduling must be carefully outlined in advance, in order to prevent any surprises on the front end. Because this approach is by necessity a cautious and empirical one, it can sometimes be difficult for new technologies and methods to be quickly implemented. Utilizing machine maintenance software to better evaluate assets and make repairs is a no-brainer strategy that should be implemented as soon as possible. It will provide immediate savings on other resources and offer benefits for worker productivity.

One of these benefits is better communication. With remote equipment monitoring systems and software, organizations simultaneously make themselves more connected and wield greater physical mobility for key personnel. Downtime can be cut to a fraction of current levels through a process of what Reliable Plant calls "management by walking around." With real-time updates and accurate equipment condition monitoring, relevant technicians can be notified on mobile devices and can make decisions without having to retreat to a central office for every communication.

According to Tim Goshert, former chair of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, machine maintenance software and better remote communication will be key to future industry growth. In an interview with Plant Services, he spoke to the increased prioritization of equipment reliability, on behalf of both individual companies and through increased industry standards.

"This business environment is full of opportunities for maintenance and reliability practitioners," he told Plant Services. "The time is now to capitalize on the awareness and enlightenment. I foresee that in the next decade we will see major acceptance of these principles within companies. I hope it will rival the advances to safety and environmental performance decades ago."