Equipment monitoring solutions are critical to maintaining optimal equipment reliability and promoting sustained growth opportunities.

Many businesses in the Canadian oil sands industry have recently experienced stock growth at rate that is twice that of their international competitors in the same time frame, according to Reuters. Led by heavy oil producer Suncor Energy, Inc., these companies have been able to reduce pipeline bottlenecks and could see sustained optimism that will result in further investments.

The benchmark price of Canadian heavy oil has been high over the past three months, topping out at $91.54 per barrel, which represented over twice as much as its low in December. Suncor, along with other leading industry companies, experienced returns at an average of 16 percent over that time. Pipeline bottlenecks had been the source of pessimism and shrunk profits, according to the news source, but new pipelines and better transport have made for increased equipment reliability and a higher return on investment. 

Suncor was also lauded by stock market analyst Stephan Dube for its innovative equipment monitoring strategies in a piece for Seeking Alpha. Dube wrote that Suncor's Tailings Reduction Operation (TRO) and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) techniques were increasing the company's profitability and painted a picture of sustained industry leadership for current and potential investors. Preventing instances of equipment-driven latency, as in pipeline bottlenecks, as well as making the company more attractive for investors are two crucial uses of equipment condition monitoring in the oil sands industry.